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NAPCO iBridge Video Doorbell

The iBridge Video Doorbell lets you know who’s at the door and speak to them, even when you are nowhere near home. IP-55 Rated and weather tough (-4 to 122°F), anytime the three-zone aim-able PIR sensor detects movement in the door area (broad 140º angle of view). Or, if the doorbell button is pressed, iBridge Video Doorbell’s HD 1080P 1.3MP camera, with IR-powered night vision, automatically captures and sends out live video, to your smartphone as a text message, via SMS/MMS.


Android and Apple compatible app keeps the iBridge Video Doorbell at your fingertips!

Simple 3-button operation – Appear on smartphone video screen - Press "Accept" to talk (2-way chat), or "hang up" to disconnect, or "mute" to just watch

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iBridge Video Doorbell

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